24 February 1991: The I Marine Expeditionary Force and coalition forces began the ground assault on Iraqi defenses in the final chapter of Operation Desert Storm. The 1st and 2d Marine Divisions stormed into the teeth of Iraqi defenses while heavily armored allied forces attacked the Iraqi defenses from behind.

Marine Corps Units deployed as part of Operation Desert Shield/Storm

I Marine Expeditionary Force (I MEF) Camp Pendleton, CA
II Marine Expeditionary Force (II MEF) Camp Lejune, NC
III Marine Expeditionary Force (III MEF) Okinawa
1st Marine Division Camp Pendleton, CA
2nd Marine Division Camp Lejune, NC
1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade Kaneohe, HI
5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade Camp Pendleton, CA
4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade Norfolk, VA
7th Marine Expeditionary Brigade 29Palms, CA
Maritime Prepositioned Ships Guam, Diego Garcia, MPS-1, MPS-2, MPS-3 and Norfolk, VA.
Regimental Combat Team 7 29 Palms, CA
Brigade Service Support Group 7 Camp Pendleton, CA

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28 February 1991: Operation Desert Storm ended when the cease-fire declared by President George Bush went into effect. I Marine Expeditionary Force had a strength of more than 92,000 making Operation Desert Storm the largest Marine Corps operation in history. A total of 24 Marines were killed in action during the Gulf War.

Tanks heading to liberate Kuwait.


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